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Not the best ad in the World is it?

It gets worse when you see the headline they’re using, “The Best View In The World”.

No it isn’t.

I know a shitload of views that are better than that.

Sure, it’s OK, but if that’s supposed to be a reflection of how awesome the new LG TV is, I’d be very disappointed.

And just for the record, I’m not being petty because when I saw that ad, I recognised the weirdly shaped building that’s on the left-hand side of the ad … at the front of all the other buildings. I recognised it, because for 4 years, that’s where I worked when I did my WPP adventure and let me tell you, as nice as the view was, it wasn’t the best I’d ever seen in life.

In fact, as much as I love Singapore – and I do –…

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A day of love

write meg!

Valentines heart

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends!

We’re all dug out from the snow and on the move here, and I’m hoping you all have a happy time celebrating the love you share with your significant others, family and friends. Preferably all of the above, right?

Spence is off today while I’m at the office, so I fully expect an epic culinary extravaganza when I get home — maybe with dark chocolate and a side of milk chocolate as an appetizer. That’s reasonable, I think. 😉

I felt this OMG PRESSURE earlier this week because it’s our first married Valentine’s, but honestly? I’m totally cool with just laying low and staying snuggled up at home, maybe with a movie or more Olympics coverage. I know we’re cooking in, so I will look forward to whatever surprise my chef-ly guy whips up!

Yes, I just said “chef-ly.” I don’t know.

Hugs to my lovely…

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