I’m Still a Feminist if I Let My Husband Love Me, Right?

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Relationships, marriages, families: to keep them healthy, it takes a lot of work. Even when you love someone beyond measure, there are the daily realities – toothpaste squeezed from the middle, toilet seats left up, forgotten promises to rebuild plant beds or work harder at keeping the kitchen counters cleaned off. This blog post is the first in our Relationship Reminder series that will run from Feb. 10-14. Stay tuned for reminders to take a breath, pause, and hug your partner. Afterall, you are a team in the crazy family Olympics of life. KH

166200630 Little did you know, the wedding was the easy part!

I am a feminist. At least in my own mind. For those who know me, I’m sure they will readily agree that I am very vocal in my beliefs – and I hope they will say that my actions and my words match. I don’t know…

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